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Will you contact me if repairs need to be made?

Not always. We require a minimum deposit of $300 from owners to use for maintenance or repairs. If the repair can be covered in whatever deposit is on hand, then we will not contact you. If it will be more, then we will contact you to get approval. If it is deemed an emergency then you may not be contacted before the money is spent. Many owners prefer to keep $500+ as a deposit so that they never have to be bothered for anything that may come up.

Do I have to allow pets at my property?

It’s your property; you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. You just need to have realistic expectations regarding the additional time it may take to find a renter if you choose to not allow pets. Over 70% of renters have pets and by not allowing pets you are reducing the number of qualified tenants. Just because someone has a pet, doesn’t mean they will be an irresponsible tenant.

When can I expect to be paid?

Typically the 18th or 19th is when the rent checks are sent out; if a tenant hasn’t paid their rent yet, then that can cause a delay in payment in addition to weekends and holidays.

What are your fees?

Our fees are a flat rate of 12%. If your property is vacant for a month, we don’t make anything! If we’re able to increase the rent on your property, then that means we both will make more! It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Do you screen the tenants before allowing them to move in?

Yes we do. When we screen applicants we get credit, criminal, and eviction history. We also check references and require proof of income.

Once I sign a management agreement with you, do i have to use you to sell my property?

No, you don’t have to use us to sell the property and we won’t ask for any percentage.

How much could you rent my property for?

We can give you an idea on what we would try and market it at based on nearby properties. If you want us to give you an idea, just shoot us an email with the address, square footage, and number of bedroom and bathrooms and we’ll get right back to you with an idea on what you could expect.

Do you send out any kind of statements for owners?

Yes, we send out monthly statements with the rent for the month. This will show the rent that was collected, any repairs that might have been done, and the fee we get. Any other questions you might have can be answered with a quick email or phone call!

Couldn’t find the answer?

We realize you may have more questions than the few that were covered here so please feel free to reach out and ask us anything. We want you to be informed about any decision you make regarding your property, even if we aren’t the right company for you. We will get a response to you within one business day.

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