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About Us

    Why choose Flat Rate?

What we offer

Tenant Screening

Our application process includes intensive screening. We are able to look at rental history, credit scores, and any criminal background they might have. We ask for references from past landlords to verify that your future tenants can be trusted to pay on time and treat the property well. We also require proof of income to make certain that they can afford the rent. Doing all of this helps ensure we have a qualified tenant for your property and can avoid having to deal with doing an eviction.

Monthly Statements

Each month between the 17th and 20th Owner’s receive a statement that shows their rental income, management fees, expenses (if any), and the amount that they will be receiving with their rent. This rent can be sent directly via ACH or a check can be written.

Lease Documentation

After we have taken care of finding the perfect tenant, we will then prepare the lease so that it’s a good fit for your property. If we ever do need to do an eviction, all of that paperwork will be taken care of for you as well.

Rent Collection

Nothing is worse than having to chase rent from tenants; when you hire a management company, that’s no longer your responsibility. Thankfully, thanks to our screening process and the way our leases are designed, we rarely have to worry about late payments. We will take care of getting in rent and you just have to sit back and wait for your check to arrive.

Regular Inspections

Inspections are one way to check in on your property and verify that it is being maintained the way it should be. Doing regular inspections can help catch any problems before they get too bad, which can help save you money. We do an inspection at move-in/move-out, upon renewal, and a few times throughout the length of the lease.

Maintenance & Repairs

Anytime something breaks or goes wrong, we are the ones that will be contacted to deal with it. We will handle scheduling to get someone out there to take care of the problem. If you have pest control, pool service, lawn maintenance, etc. we will also take care of making sure they are doing what is needed.
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